Charleston Woodworking School | Short Courses
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Short Courses

Short Courses will be availabe several times a year. Please check the Charleston Woodworking School Facebook page for the most up to date classes available. The usual schedule is Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights from 6:00-9:00pm, and Saturday from 9:00am-12:30pm.
Prices depend on the course, but are between $250-550 for the course. This includes wood, glue, and instruction. Only certain woods are available for the short courses. Participants can bring their own specialty woods, or purchase from the school if they want to use woods other than what is provided.


A three hour safety course is mandatory before any short courses can be taken. These will be offered one Saturday a month. Safety courses are $50 and include a T-shirt and certificate.

Basic Joinery

Students will build either a small side table or bookshelf using half-lap, splined miter, and doweled joints. All joints will be cut by hand using hand tools.


Advanced Joinery
Students will build a small bench or bookshelf using dovetail, half-lapped, and mortise and tenon joints. All joints will be cut by hand using hand tools.


Professional Joinery
Students will make a series of very complicated and unusual joints including knuckle, tri-mitered, and Japanese timber framing joints.


Chair Caning
Students will be able to bring in a chair of their own to re-cane, or build a small footrest/stool to cane. We will go over how to use pre-woven caning, but our focus will be on hand weaving an new seat/back for a chair.


Danish Cord Weaving
Students will learn how to properly prepare and weave a small Danish Cord stool. We will build a small stool the first two nights, and weave the remaining time. Advanced Joinery class is a pre-requisite.

Students will have the opportunity to restore a piece of furniture of their own that needs repair. This is not a refinishing course. This is a course to learn how to properly restore a broken piece of furniture. The School can provide some furniture that need restoration if needed.


Students will learn how to traditionally Water Gild a picture frame. The process involves building up layers of gesso, colored clays called bole, and laying gold leaf onto wood. Since this intricate skill involves a very time sensitive and structured process, additional time is required. An additional fee is required to purchase a book of gold leaf at market value.


Students will learn proper techniques of veneering including book matching, quarter matching, oval fans, and Federal style stringing.