Charleston Woodworking School | Instructors
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Ashley Harwood

Ashley Harwood currently lives in Charleston, SC, where she creates her work and teaches at her personal studio. She has demonstrated and taught woodturning in a number of professional venues throughout the US and abroad, visiting seven other countries and travelling as far as Australia. She has been featured in various publications including the American Association of Woodturning’s Journal, Woodturning magazine, Popular Woodworking magazine, and Charleston magazine. Her teaching focuses on fine spindle turning and the Push Cut method of bowl turning along with the 40/40 grind on a bowl gouge, with a strong emphasis on tool control. She received a BFA from Carnegie Mellon with a focus in sculpture and installation art, and her design aesthetic is heavily influenced by her background in glassblowing. When she is not teaching, Ashley creates custom production turnings for various clients including furniture, hardware, and lighting companies. Her own works are pieces that are completed entirely on the lathe, without carving, texturing, or burning. She uses simple, classic forms along with distinctive design elements that result in an approachable body of work with a high level of craftsmanship. The scale of her work spans from delicate finials to massive table pedestals that weigh hundreds of pounds when mounted on the lathe.

Find out more about Ashley by visiting her website:, on Instagram @ashleygharwood, or on facebook.

Photo credit:  Glenn Lucas

Mary May

Mary May attended various schools for sculpture in Greece, England, and Malaysia. She has been working as a freelance sculptor in Charleston, SC, for over 25 years and specializes in the classic European style. Her works include details for antique furniture reproductions, architectural ornaments for buildings, and sculptures. For some time now, she has been passing on her knowledge and expertise in courses at various woodworking schools in North America, among them Mark Adam’s School of Woodworking, Roy Underhill’s The Woodright’s School, Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, and Port Townsend School of Woodworking. She also runs an online woodcarving school with more than 300 instructional videos and has completed her first book on Carving the Acanthus Leaf.

Peter Moore

Peter Moore has over 15 years of diverse and unique experience. Originally trained in architecture and history, Peter began his working career in historic preservation for a prominent architecture firm in Indianapolis, Indiana. His woodworking career began in a small Indiana wood shop dedicated to cost-effective conservation and restoration of fine antique furniture. Relocating to the Palmetto State, Peter added to his experience as the lead finisher for a marine woodworking shop specializing in custom woodwork for yachts and sailboats. Following the economic downturn Peter moved into custom cabinetry fabrication and construction for residential and commercial clients. Returning to his woodworking roots, Peter launched his own workshop focused upon antique furniture restoration, onsite touchup, repair and spot finishing services.

Charlie Moore

Charlie caught the woodworking bug back in high school shop class and with the help of that one formative shop teacher he was on his way to building.

In 1997 Charlie made the move to Charleston, SC where he resides today with his lovely wife Emma. With Charleston having such a rich history he spent many years working, training and honing his knowledge of furniture and building. Just over 10 years ago, in early 2008, Charlie opened the doors of BrassApple Furniture where he employs the culmination of experience in his design/build approach to custom furniture, case pieces, and chairs. “Furniture has long been my passion and BrassApple is where I get to execute it”

In 2015 Charlie joined the staff of The American College of the Building Arts as adjunct Professor of Wood Trades and Architectural Carpentry, where he still teaches today. “I never thought I’d become a teacher of my craft but I love it and the coolest part is I am learning too”